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MicroPasts PYBOSSA Theme

The theme used for the MicroPasts installation of Pybossa is built off the base Pybossa default theme and has been customised and ported to Bootstrap 4.5 CSS framework. The theme is a mix of python, javascript, css and HTML5 and is quite easy to adapt and extend.

Theme development

The theme’s code is version controlled on GitHub under the MicroPasts organisation from where it is deployed directly to the server running the Pybossa instance. It has been developed by Daniel Pett and is stored at:

It has had two releases 6 years apart.

Installing the theme

To work on the theme, you will need to do the following:

cd pybossa/pybossa/themes
git clone

This will install the theme into your installation. You will now need to enable it within the system. To do this:

cd pybossa

Now add:

THEME = 'MicroPasts-pybossa-theme'

And save your file. Restart the services and your theme should be active.

Updating the theme

If any changes are made to the template, you will need to pull these in via git:

cd pybossa/pybossa/themes/MicroPasts-pybossa-theme
git pull