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3D masking

As part of our AHRC funded work, we wanted to create 3D models and speed up the creation of photomasks for use in their production. Harnessing the power of the crowd allowed us to scale up and teach new skills to participants.

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Create a masking project

You have two quick methods available to you for adding this project to the system.

  1. Through the point and click interface system
  2. Through the creation of code and pushing to the system via PBS

Interface deployment

PBS deployment

Importing tasks

Extracting data

What will this produce?

After manipulation of these results via R (using this code) image masks are generated for use within Photogrammetric software. We used Agisoft’s Photoscan (now Metashape) to produce 3d models (over 100 were produced) and an example is displayed below.

Example 3D model