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You can list project statistics, such as number of tasks, volunteers and overall progress via:

GET /api/projectstats

To filter this list, for example, by project ID:

GET /api/projectstats?project_id=[1,2,3]

To include additional hour stats, day stats and user stats for the past 2 weeks, append full=1 to the query, for example:

GET /api/projectstats?full=1

These additional statistics will be included in the info field of each object returned.


These statistics can also be retrieved by adding the argument stats=True to requests made to the /api/project endpoint. In this case they will be added against a stats key returned with each Project.

User progress

You can know how many tasks a user has completed for a given project by accessing the following endpoint:<id>/userprogress


The user needs to be authenticated to get the value, otherwise it will use the anonymous IP to get the value.

If you are using external_uid for sending task runs, you can get the progress using the following parameter:<id>/userprogress?external_uid=EXTERNAL_UID