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Creating a new project

Before you begin, you need to remember several things about PYBOSSA.

  1. No assets are stored within the platform
  2. Your images or files that you want people to work on, must be accessible on an http link

How do I open these pages?

You must be registered to access these pages.

To create a new project, you have three options:

  1. Create a new project from scratch using Github and PBS
  2. Create a new project from a template
  3. Create directly from the interface

Below, we will run through each method:

Create a new project from scratch using Github and PBS

This is very well documented by the original PYBOSSA documentation Example projects that have been generated using this method can be found on our Github profile.

Each of these repos has the code structure ready to deploy. If you want to use this method, try to replicate this structure, or create a repo from the template found at:

Create a new project from a template

Currently within the MicroPasts framework, we have the following template projects, which you could use for the basis of creating your own code. Each of these can be accessed by click and deploy methods from the PYBOSSA interfaces.

Templates available

  1. A basic template for customisation Template code
  2. Archaeological record index transcription from the Montpelier Foundation, USA Template code
  3. Photomasking to enable 3d models to be made in Agisoft Metashape Template code
  4. Phototagging using the Annotorious framework Template code
  5. Audio transcription from mp3 recordings Template code
  6. Bronze Age axe outlines for morphological analysis Template code
  7. PDF manipulation
  8. Bronze Age card index transcription (with geocoding) Template code
  9. Transcription of Egyptian Exploration Society donor registers Template code
  10. A basic sound recognition template Template code
  11. A IIIF manifest based transcription task from Cambridge Digital Library Template code

So how do I use these?

To use these you will need to:
1. Either register or login to your account
2. Go to
3. Follow the steps below!

I would like another template to be added, is this possible?

Yes, once you have a template either from method 1 or method 2, let the project team know and we’ll add it, or if you’re okay with github, create a pull request based on the tutorial for adding a snippet.

Create directly from the interface